A warm welcome to all astrophiles!!!

As one of the oldest astronomical societies in Sri Lanka, we uphold a remarkable reputation as well as countless resources and opportunities for those who are willing to join us. All you need is passion to unveil the mysteries and to chase the vast amount of knowledge this universe contains. No previous experience is required as the doors of the society are open to anyone who holds a passion for astronomy regardless of previous experience, knowledge, or faculty. 

We will host a variety of events throughout the year to distribute astronomy knowledge among our members. With their assistance, you will be able to learn new things about astronomy or polish your mastery of the field. Our boundary on sharing expertise does not limit to our members but we will organize night camps and workshops for school children and other societies via outreach programs to spread awareness of astronomy among the students and the public. The astronomical society has a very friendly atmosphere which will grant you the opportunity to interact and network with academic staff members and your seniors in a relaxing environment.  

If you are passionate about astronomy but haven’t found a place to quench your curiosity, this is your chance. Join our society by filling out the application below.

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